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Sitting her trying to relocate my consciousness,
remember to own my own mind and its significance
Remember to open my eyes to the universes hints, since
trying to keeps life balance is often hit or miss and
If we don’t take the time to listen to our hearts speak,
we might often find ourselves tongue and cheek
cause it’s hard speaking, our feelings if we don’t know what they are?
How do we take charge
of our purpose or our worth or know the value of this earth
Take the time to know yourself it’s up to you and no one else so,

Know what you do, do what you know
Listen to your inner voice connect to the flow

Now, I’m sitting her trying to relocate my convictions,
I left them somewhere between my bias an influence
Somewhere between values and addictions
And those restrictions on my mind
I work hard to fix them
Rewire my mind, and taking time, to redefine
My own heart and my own mind
for every time my intuition gets dismissed
I find it hand and hand with consequence
I find myself up against the fence, defenceless and senseless
With all these false pretences of the corporate governments
and their financial interests, it’s a destructive business
because media distorts it and society twists it,
time to raise our fists up, time to resist em

I said Hey Yo! Its time for power to the peaceful
Time to fill our streets full

And I say, Know what you do, do what you know
Listen to your inner voice connect to the flow

Now I’m sitting here trying to relocate my confidence
I left it somewhere between my pain and my bliss
I lost it bit by bit since the age of six, but
My emotions confused, bullied and abused
though, my youth was kind of tuff and the path was often rough
my past helped me become aware of, aware of
and I say gratitude for the strength to rise above it
I’m working hard to see the lessons in my struggle
through inner revelations, I’ve come to understand
gratitude for my past, it’s made me who I am
and I forgive the trauma for a family filled with drama,
passed on through generations from my Nani to my Mom
and I turned out pretty good growing up without Dad

Now please note that,
This is for the peeps who told me what I was NOT
Tried to muzzle all my thoughts tried to lock me in a box for
I know now they were behaving weak and sour
Abusing their power, I’d like to take it back now for
They all told me to “shut my mouth”
And now it’s time that they are all called out
Words are munitions for musicians our weapons
so speak them up loud speak them up proud
No time for self-doubt

Know what you do, do what you know
Listen to your inner voice connect to the flow

Written By: MPD
Copyright January 2017


from Ms​.​|​PANIK ~ OPEN HEARTS EP, track released April 10, 2017
All Tracks Written and Performed by MS.|PANIK - Guitar & Vocals

Beats & Production - Spends Quality spendsquality.com

Produced and Mixed by @SpendsQuality Recorded at #CedarsongSound
Studio in Nevada City, CA


Mastered By Trakworx in San Fransisco, CA


Copyright 2017



all rights reserved


Ms.|PANIK Tofino, British Columbia

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